Things to Have on Hand for an Impromptu Party

snowflake.jpgWith Thanksgiving behind us, the Holiday season is in full swing. Holiday parties will be going on from now until New Year’s Eve. The Holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s always seem to encourage visiting with loved ones more than any other time of year. This means that people may show up on your doorstep with little to no notice. It is always a good idea to keep impromptu party items on hand just in case. Here are some things to have on hand for an impromptu party:

1) Drinks. You will want to have some drinks to offer to your guests. Always serve things within your comfort level and that are appropriate to the age level of your guests. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate are always welcome drinks when the snow is falling outside.

2) Frozen Appetizers. It is easier than ever to serve gourmet appetizers that your guests will love and be a bit surprised you were able to whip up on short notice. Stock up on some frozen appetizers that will just take a few minutes to heat in your oven. Order a variety package so that you are sure to have something for all.

3) Holiday plates. The last thing you want to worry about when entertaining impromptu party guests is washing the dishes. Or having enough clean dishes to serve with. Order some holiday paper plates, cups and napkins and you will be all set.

4) Holiday Party Games. There is never time to create or lookup party games when you have little notice. Printable holiday party games make things super easy. All you will need to do is print them from your home computer and printer.

Having all of these things on hand will ensure that your impromptu party is a success. You and your guests will have a lovely time.


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