5th Birthday Party Ideas

5th Birthday PartyThe 5th birthday is a huge milestone in a young child’s life.  It marks that time when they are transitioning from pre-schooler to kindergartner.  Their personalities are really starting to shine and they have some definite favorites in life.  They will absolutely have an opinion on just what type of party they want, what kind of food they will want, and who to invite.  Use this excitement to your advantage.  Let them help out with the party planning and direction.

There are several different themes that are popular with 5-year-olds right now.  Choose from a Disney Princess Birthday Party or a Fairy Tale Unicorn Birthday Party for girls.  Boys will love to have a Hot Wheels Birthday Party or a Monster Truck Birthday Party.  Of course any of these ideas are never limited by gender.

You definitely will want to plan on having some structured activities at a 5-year-old’s birthday party.  Plan on having at least 3 games to play with a 4th as a backup in case one doesn’t work out as planned or doesn’t take as long as expected.  Have some printable birthday party games on hand as well as other activities.  Pin the tail on the donkey, a pinata, three legged race, and scavenger hunt are always fun.  Some children in this age group may be reading and some may not, so plan to do things with pictures as well as words.

Have fun working with your five-year-old to plan the perfect 5th birthday party.  Create memories that will last longer than their party and that they will cherish forever.

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