Printable Birthday Party Games for 6 & 7-year-olds

Printable birthday party games 6 & 7-year-oldsParty games and activities are a must for any successful birthday party.  Finding the right ones for the 6 & 7-year-old age group can be difficult so we have searched for the best ones out there.  Printable birthday party games are the absolutely easiest way to entertain your young guests.

They offer a birthday party game that quizzes the guests on how well they were paying attention to what the birthday child was wearing before they left the room.  They have a printable pin the tail on the donkey game.  There is also a game in which you pass prizes around the circle of guests from left to right after listening to the directions in the story.

These birthday party games for 6 & 7-year-olds will print right from your printer with no special formatting or software required.  And you can purchase the games individually or in a money saving birthday game collection.  You will be able to print out an unlimited number of games for 60 days.  Plus they offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

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