Ice Breaking Party Games

Ice BreakingIf you are having a party bringing together a group of people that do not know each other well, it can be fun to have an ice breaking game. This can be a great way to get the conversation flowing and form new friendships. Here are a few ideas for your next party.

– Catch the Forbidden Word – As guests are entering give each person a set number of tokens, i.e. pieces of wrapped hard candy or dried beans. After everyone has arrived explain that no one is allowed to use the words “I” or “me” (or choose your own words) for the next 10 minutes. If someone catches another person using one of the forbidden words, they can take one of that person’s tokens. At the end of the ten minutes, have everyone tally their tokens and whoever has the most is the winner. Or in the case of using candy as the token that could be the prize. This game works well with all age groups as children love to catch adults using the forbidden words.

– Left and Right Game – Have everyone sit in a circle for this icebreaking game. You will want a small prize item to pass, such as a candle or small gift basket. Every time the words left or right are spoken, the prize should be passed in that direction. Whoever has the prize at the end gets to keep it.

“I left my house and was on the way to _______’s house for this party, but I left the directions at home. Of course, I knew right were I had left them, right next to the phone. I knew right away and went back to get them. Sure enough there they were right where I had left them, right next to the phone. Finally, I was on the right track. I arrived right on time. Everyone was laughing and trying to keep track of which was left and which was right. Once they figured out which was right and which was left, it was a breeze and no one was left out. Everyone was so impressed with
______’s party it left them wanting more. Happy Day!”

– What’s in your Purse and Pockets Scavenger Hunt – Break your guest into teams making sure you have co-ed teams. Women and their purses will have a slight advantage to this game. Create a list of unusual items that they must find and give the teams 5-10 minutes to find them. Whichever team has the most items wins the game. Here are some examples of items: red sock, 1970 Nickel, pearl, Roman numeral, reese’s pieces, aspirin, toe ring, business card, cheerios, red lipstick, handkerchief, dental floss. Have fun coming up with your own unique or unusual items. This ice breaking game works well for the teenage and adult party group.

Hopefully these ideas will break the ice at your next party and get the conversations flowing. Have fun!

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